About me

Do you have something in your life you'd really like to work to improve?

You went to med school, residency, and became an attending physician.

You spent at least a decade perfecting delayed gratification.

But, now?

Now might just be time to start to focus on the things that are most important to you. 

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Hi there!

I'm Sunny Smith MD.

I am a family physician.

I am married and the mother of a 7 year old boy in first grade.

I feel like I am also a million other things.  You may feel like that too.  For me, I work at a university and am a Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at UC San Diego School of Medicine, Medical Director, Course Director, Community Director, advisor, mentor, educator, clinician, and researcher.  I've been incredibly humbled and honored as the recipient of multiple awards over my last 15 years as a faculty member including Humanism in Medicine, Excellence in Teaching, Outstanding Community Leader, etc.

We are many things to many people.  We are women physicians.

We are literally responsible for people's lives at work and at home.  Pretty much all day every day.  We recognize this is an amazing privilege.  We've worked so hard to achieve our goals.  However, we've also likely learned an awful lot of self sacrifice.

It might be time to slow down and reflect.

Let's take a look at this life you've created.

What do you love? What are you incredibly grateful for?

What would you like to change?

Are you ready? Are you willing? You can do it.  I know you can.  We can work together take a look at your thoughts about achieving your dreams.

Let's talk. (Video-coaching)

If you want to talk to someone who gets you, who understands the unique privileges and challenges of being a female physician, consider scheduling a time for a one on one coaching session.  We will talk about the issues you are struggling with right now, what you'd like to create in your life, and discuss ways to empower you to get the results you'd like in your life.  Talking to a coach trained to help you with this is quite different than talking to a friend, your family, or a therapist.   Curious?

It's okay, I won't bite.  And if you could ask anyone that knows me (friends, colleagues, med students, residents, faculty), they'd all say I'm quite friendly, approachable, down to earth, and not at all intimidating.

-If you're ready to really commit to immersing yourself in this work –

If you'd love to escape for several days and really take some time to build community with other amazing women physicians, reflect on your life, where you've been, where you are going, and be in one of the most beautiful places on earth -> then you just may have come to the right place.  Click the link below for more details.

Bora Bora retreat

Look forward to meeting you soon!

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