Can I bring my BFF?

Of course!  Each person pays the retreat fee.  Standard rates are based on double occupancy of one overwater bungalow.

Can I bring another woman physician that I know from med school, residency, someone that works with me or that used to work with me?

Of course! Please.  We encourage you to bring someone you know and love that you are close with that would also be interested in this type of retreat.

I’m still a trainee, can I come? Or do I have to be an attending physician?

If you are a woman and a physician, we welcome you to our retreat. You do not have to be an attending physician.

I’m not in clinical practice any longer, can I still come?

Of course.

Can I have my own room?

Of course.  However, the the retreat rates were calculated based on double occupancy. If you wish to have the room to yourself, you just have to pay for both spots.

Can I bring my husband or kids or partner or family?

Absolutely.  Only you can decide if you’d like to retreat away from your family obligations for more room for reflection or if you’d like to bring your loved one(s) on this trip.   As above, you just have to pay a higher rate as described above since fees are calculated based on two retreat participants being in each room.  We also have to honor the Four Seasons occupancy policy, which is a maximum of two adults and two children per room.  If you plan to vary from the usual two women physicians per bungalow please contact me ahead of time so that we may plan accordingly.  If you plan to have 3 adults in a room, the Four Seasons charges additional fees so again please contact me.

Are you offering CME?

For this inaugural retreat, we chose not to offer live CME credits.  This allows for a much more informal and relaxing retreat environment, in keeping with the theme of the event of focusing on self-care and relaxation.  We will consider exploring offering online CME for physician wellness issues as a part of this program.  We will also obtain feedback regarding how many of the women physicians who are coming on the retreat to Bora Bora or were considering coming were in need of CME credits or would prefer if live CME is offered at future events.


Do I need a passport?

Youbetcha.  On arriving in French Polynesia at Papeete International airport, you’ll be required to clear customs before continuing to Bora Bora. All visitors must have a valid passport and an outbound ticket. Do I need a visa?  For stays of one month or less, travelers to French Polynesia from most countries (including the United States, Canada, and Mexico) do not need a visa.  However, your passport needs to be valid for at least 3 months from the last day of your stay.  Entry requirements and customs regulations are subject to change without notice, so please consult the appropriate authorities before traveling internationally.

Getting there:

There are daily direct flights from Los Angeles (LAX) to French Polynesia’s international airport in Papeete (PPT).   Many groups choose to take the red eye overnight flight leaving LAX after 11pm  and arriving at PPT around 7am.  Alternatively you can take a flight that arrives in PPT in the evening and spend the night in a hotel there before leaving to Bora Bora the next morning.  At the time of this writing, flights leave from LAX, SFO, or HNL to PPT.  Passengers clear customs in PPT then can take a short 45 minute flight to Bora Bora (BOB).

The Four Seasons will greet you on arrival at the Bora Bora airport with a lei and escort you to their private boat.  It is a 15 minute boat ride to the resort.  From the moment you arrive in Bora Bora, it will be incredibly beautiful and luxurious.  Worth every minute of the travel it took you to arrive.  The overwater bungalows are unmatched in beauty and serenity.

As above, some travelers will choose to or need to spend a night in PPT on arrival or departure depending on their flights.  There are also flights from PPT to other international airports outside of the United States.

Other questions?

Contact me