Bora Bora retreat detailed information


I’m so excited to share this information with you!

I truly think it’ll be the trip of a lifetime.

What’s Included in the Empowering Women Physician’s retreat?

  • Length of stay:  6 days/5 nights at the Four Seasons Bora Bora
  • Date: Still finalizing the date to optimize our experience based on participant feedback but we anticipate going in January or February 2019
  • Meals: included
  • Private boat to hotel: included
  • Coaching: included
  • Building community with amazing women physicians: included
  • Paradise: included : )
  • This goes above and beyond any coaching program or any retreat program that I am aware of for women physicians.
  • Price:
    •  Click here to reserve your space for just $1000
    • Traditional option: $8000
      • share an overwater bungalow with one woman physician
    • Lower cost option: $5500
      • share an overwater bungalow with up to two other women to keep your costs as low as possible
  • Your initial thoughts may be:  EEEEKKKK!!!! That’s A LOT
  • First of all, it is unlikely you’d be able to create a trip for yourself to the Four Seasons Bora Bora for less than $5500
  • And…remember –  there is a TON of value in that price.
  • This fee includes not only the overwater bungalow but also an amazing retreat, 3 meals a day, coaching before during and after the retreat, as well as the unique experience to build community with other like minded women physicians.
  •  It’s uniquely designed for you.
  • Not to mention, it’s an incredibly memorable once in a lifetime experience.
  • Gather friends, colleagues, old med school classmates, residency classmates, or we can match you with a roommate
    • part of the power of this retreat is building community with other like minded women physicians, so having 1-2 roommates can be a great part of the experience
    • if you’d like to consider bringing a loved one instead or if you’d prefer to have your own bungalow, Contact me
  •  You’ll receive personalized coaching not only during the retreat, but we want to be sure you get the absolute most out of this experience.  Therefore, we are offering individual personalized video-coaching before the retreat and have individual and group coaching continue after the retreat to check in on progress you made towards your goals set at the retreat.


As you fly into Bora Bora, the view and beauty is simply stunning.  From there, it only gets better.  Once in the airport, the Four Seasons staff will greet you with a fresh floral lei and take you on a private yacht for the short 15 minute ride to the Four Seasons resort.

You will be greeted at the resort at a special table exclusively for Empowering Women Physicians.  You will be handed a complimentary non-alcoholic beverage at check in.  Don’t worry about the traditional hotel fees on arrival as Empowering Women Physicians will have already pre-paid all accommodations, 21.7% taxes and service fees (which is a lot when the nightly rate starts around $1500/day).   You can leave a credit card on file with the front desk for your incidentals.  Then they will take you in a golf cart to your overwater bungalow.

Yes, these are some of the most beautiful overwater bungalows in the world.  Repeatedly voted as such by multiple high profile travel and news sources.  The bungalows pictured in the photos and videos on this website and on the Four Seasons Bora Bora website and videos are the ones we are staying in.  Your accommodations will include a shared luxury overwater bungalow one bedroom suite.  Each overwater bungalow is 1080 square feet and comes with either one king bed or two queen beds.  Each bungalow also has a separate living room with a sofa bed.  You’ll have a deck, two lounge chairs, dining table and chairs, an outdoor shower, and a plexiglass glass panel in the floor to look down into the lagoon.  The standard retreat rates are per person and presume double occupancy.  Most rooms have king beds, the rooms with two queens are limited.  We highly encourage you to bring a friend or colleague!  For those who choose to bring two friends to share with to keep the costs as low as possible, please note you may be using the sofabed.

Did I say three meals a day?   Have you ever been there or talked to anyone who has been there? The food is great.  It’s a five star luxury resort. Conde Nast calls their food “magnificently prepared”.  But man is it pricey, even if you just eat at the pool or try to keep your costs low, the food prices are just really high.  They have to fly everything in from far far away.  So why on earth would we cover three meals a day for you?

We truly want you to feel like you are in ultra-luxury.  No stress.  There to relax.  We want you to feel pampered throughout.  We want you to have the best experience you can imagine.  (We’ll cover some welcome cocktails and reception drinks, but you’ll be on your  own for additional drinks/alcoholic beverages).

Coaching. The retreat will include educational sessions and coaching each morning.  The coaching and thought work we expect to be transformative, the setting will make it even more so.  There will be plenty of free time to reflect and enjoy yourself.

Chill. We expect that with daily structured group time as well as time to relax,  sit by the pool, read, kayak, or paddle board that you will have time to rejuvenate as well as build community with other women physicians.

You will have full access to many amazing onsite amenities.  Wifi throughout the resort as well as all taxes and service fees are included.  Your return boat ride to the airport is included. Offsite excursions are not included.

Support before and after the retreat

As I mentioned, I want to ensure that you really feel supported on this journey.  You’ll have access to personalized individual video-coaching before the retreat as well as individual and group coaching after the retreat.  I want to ensure that you continue to follow through on what you learned and what you planned to achieve.  From my experience in group coaching programs, some of the most valuable resources after an in person retreat can be that the community that is built in person is sustained and grows virtually afterward.  We will have video-conferencing via zoom and electronic communication platforms available to participants of the retreat.  The accountability and support provided afterward as you transition back home with your new goals is an integral part of this program.

Where on earth is Bora Bora?

It’s in French Polynesia.  Just about even with Hawaii in terms of longitude but about 2600 miles further south.  French Polynesia is a direct 8 hour flight from Los Angeles.  Google maps location of Bora Bora – click here and zoom way out.

Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are going to this surreal place of ultra luxury and incredible beauty.  The kind of place that seems to good to be true, that you only see in movies or luxury travel magazines, that perhaps you dreamed you might go to on your honeymoon or when your kids go off to college or for a 25th wedding anniversary.  But you know what? You can do this.  Before we get into the details below, let’s go over your thoughts about this.

This seems amazing, but…

Your brain may be offering up all the thoughts of reasons to NOT go on this trip.  You may be thinking something like

  • This year? Only months away?
  • I can’t
  • No way
  • At least not right now
  • It’s not my 40th birthday
  • It’s not my anniversary
  • What will people think?
  • What will I tell people?
  • I bet it’s really expensive
  • Maybe one day
  • I just don’t know


Well let me tell you.  Those are all just thoughts.

Working on your thoughts is a big part of the work we’ll be doing together.

Your thoughts determine your life.

This is the basis of coaching.

What could possibly stand in the way of you going on this amazing trip?

Your thoughts.

The fact is, you can totally go on this trip.

When you ask yourself questions, your brain searches for answers.

So let’s have you purposefully ask yourself

– What are some of the reasons I should go on this trip?

  • It looks so incredibly beautiful
  • I could really use a retreat, relaxation, and space for reflection
  • It’s a once in a life time trip
  • If not now, when?
  • You only live once
  • Today is the first day of the rest of  my life
  • If I want to make my life better, now is the time to start
  • My whole life has lead me to this moment
  • I happened upon this website for some reason, it was fate
  • Maybe I’m meant to go on this trip
  • Happiness research shows experiences are more valuable than things
  • This is a unique opportunity to serve as a total reset in my life
  • It will be so amazing and inspiring to meet other like minded women physicians
  • I have to make this happen,  I’ll find a way

Then you can brainstorm 25 ways you can make this happen. (some thoughts below)

  • I can get a sitter
  • I can ask my mom to watch the kids
  • I can use vacation days
  • I can do CME while I’m away
  • I can have a partner cover for me
  • I can share a room with a friend

That’s just one simple example of the type of thought work we’ll be doing on the trip.  You’ll learn to ask yourself useful questions.  Questions that have your mind focusing on ways to solve your problems, to focus on solutions, to make your dreams become reality.

All of life can’t be a dream vacation to a tropical island.

However, this is just one sample of how given a certain circumstance in life (such as a trip to Bora Bora with coaching for women physicians), how you think about it determines how you feel, act, and the overall results you have in your life.  We can work together to find more empowering thoughts so that you can get the results you want in your life back at home as well.

Let’s go!

You and me and a group of other incredible women physicians.   We’re going to gorgeous Bora Bora to do some empowering thought work and to have the time of our lives.  This is for real.  It’s gonna happen.  It’s going to be great.  I honestly can’t believe we really get to do this.  And you…yes, you can join us.

Visit the Four Seasons Bora Bora website here if you want to see tons of inspiring photos, videos, and get more information.  You do NOT have to book your room there, as we will book the rooms for you.  You just book your flight and get yourself there.

Read Trip Advisor reviews of the Four Seasons Bora Bora here. (Ranked #1 resort in Bora Bora).  Most recent titles of reviews on date of this writing were “Outstanding in every way”, “Heaven on earth”, “Amazing place with outstanding service”, “Just like living in paradise”.

If you are ready to purchase your spot – click the PayPal link below

At the bottom of PayPal’s pop up window you will see the option to enter your credit card information directly.   (You may also log in to your PayPal account if you have one and happen to remember the password in this moment).  The introductory price of $8000 is a special early bird price that will remain only during the initial booking phase.


Bora Bora Retreat deposit

6 days / 5 nights at the Four Seasons Bora Bora Empowering Women Physicians retreat deposit. Non-refundable.


Is this expensive? Yes.  But honestly, this is one of the most luxurious trips you’ll likely ever take in your lifetime.  If you’ve ever looked into it, you know that physician coaching alone often runs around $5000.  Sometimes that fee represents a group program instead of being designed for individual one on one coaching.   If you consider that you get this amazing trip plus individual and group coaching, it’s really not too bad.  Join us!  You’ll be glad you did.

Contact me if you have more questions (before we run out of space).