What if?

You know how your brain is always coming up with disastrous stories?

If someone is late or missing? It often isn’t long before our brain starts having to create some explanation for things it doesn’t understand.  The lack of knowledge creates a burning desire to create a story to make sense of the world. 

You brain starts to come up with, “What if….”

If someone is late unexpectedly, your brain may offer up something like,

“What if they are no showing me on purpose?”

“What if they forgot about me?”

“What if they don’t like me?”

“What if this is never going to work out?”

 “What if they were in a car accident?”

“What if they died?”

Yeah, within a few minutes we might go from just a little bit of curiosity to worry to they are likely dead.

What if is usually followed by something our brain is offering up that is a worry or concern.

But what if…. we could use this framework and redirect it toward possibilities that were exciting or inspirational?

What if….

This is the moment it all starts to change?

This is the time things will finally start to get better?

I could find a way to create a life I love?

This is all here to teach me something?

I have way more choice in my life than I ever saw or realized?

I chose to live as if my life is short, because it is?

I could actually design my life on purpose rather than live by default?

I were responsible for my life? What would I create? What would I allow?

We could bring some joy back into medicine?

I didn’t have to spend nights and weekends on the computer?

I could focus on my patients and on healing rather than administrative tasks?

I could find a babysitter?

I could get a massage this weekend?

Every day is a step closer to living the life of my dreams?

I am the one who can change all this and all I have to do is decide it is going to change and then it will?

Ask yourself some “what if” questions.

See what your brain starts to come up with.  It’s so fun.