It starts with you

The system is broken

But you don’t have to be

If you wait for the system to change, you may be waiting an awful long time.

You, you can change right now.

In an instant.

This can be the instant that you choose, you are in control of your life.

What do you want to change?

Can you think of one thing?

Or maybe brainstorm a few?

What are a few things that could make things a little bit better right now?

We want to teach you that YOU are creator of your life. 

You have the locus of control.

You have self-efficacy.

You have agency.

Let’s pick one thing.

You can pick one big thing and one little thing even.

Pick one short term thing you can do today to make you just a little bit happier today, at work and at home. 

Pick one longer term thing you may be able to do that could make a significant impact in your happiness.

I don’t know what your thing will be. 

For me, short term can be taking a bath.  Closing the door.  So no one yells at me or throws things at me while I try to relax.  (Okay, you know my little guy will likely come in and throw some toys in the water, but I may have gotten a few minutes to relax before the toy throwing starts).

For the long term, I’m planning to go part time.  It just makes sense.  I’ve been resisting it as I know I’ll likely still work way more hours than I am compensated for.  Yet, as I learn more and more this is the only life I get (in my belief system) and only I get to choose how I spend them, I am starting to see that I could choose to spend less time working.  I don’t want to leave medicine at all.  Nor do I want to leave medical education.  It’s just that since I recently earned an “accelerated promotion” for doing the equivalent of 6 years of work in 3 years time, I’m starting to think there is no need to work that hard.  It’s okay to slow down a little.

What are your short term things you’d like to change?

And long term?

If you can name it and make it clear in your mind, it is all the more likely to start to influence your thoughts and behaviors. 

Pick one.

And when you are feeling really bold, then if you believe you can, go ahead and take a step towards making it happen.  You may just surprise yourself.