I’ll be happy when…

It’s such a common human experience.

To feel like happiness is out there somewhere.

Not now.

Just, you know, after you finish med school. 

Or wait, I mean residency.

No, when I get married. 

No, once I have a baby.

Well, I meant once my family is complete.

I mean, once my kids are all in school.  That’s when it’ll get easier.

Actually, once they are all out of elementary school.

Really, once they are driving themselves, that’ll be so much easier.

Okay, when they leave the house.  That’s when it’ll really be peaceful around here.

Now, it’s so quiet without them.

When the grandchildren come, that’s when there will be joy back in this house.

You know what, way back when,  those were the good old days.

What if…

Instead of believing you’ll be happy when _______

You choose to believe you can be happy now?

As one day…

These really will be….

The good old days.

So you might as well enjoy them while they are here.